Saturday, February 25, 2012

Has it really been 2011 scince my last post?

Guess I should say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentines day and a whole slew of other holidays I have missed since it has been that long since I have had time to sit down and make a blog entry.

But here I am, back if only briefly cuz I have a free weekend. I will quickly say hello and update any readers out there of what is turning out to be the busiest time of my short-lived career.

To re-cap: ROSEWOOD LANE was finished some time ago and it appears its fate will be a release on Universal Home Video. Though it is already out overseas as either a feature or a DVD, unclear on that.

Don't let the smile fool you: this paperboy only grins when there is something terrible afoot. Daniel Ross as Derek Barber in ROSEWOOD LANE.

"Peek-a-boo" Rose McGowan gets a surprise waiting for her in the basement of her new house.

Paperboy from hell Derek Barber keeps a lookout at the top of Rosewood hill.


What's next? It is back to Greenville Mississippi this summer for THE RATTLEMAN, my exciting new horror franchise, of which I am certain I have talked about here and around the web.

And I am hoping for the terrific cast already discussed with the film's producers: Ray Wise, and Adrienne Barbeau (their first appearance together since Wes Craven's 1970 era SWAMPTHING).

The cast will hopefully also include the wonderful Diane DeLano as the town sheriff and as the title nightmare -- or character rather: the great Doug Jones as THE RATTLEMAN.

The search will also begin soon for some fresh movie faces: For the three Castle brothers at the center of this first installment of my new horror franchise: Young Nicky Castle (early teens) Wiley Castle (the middle brother mid to late teens) and Burton Castle (late teens). These are the three brothers (living with their violent alcoholic father) who unwittingly unleash the nightmare that is THE RATTLEMAN on their small seaside town.

More as that develops.


I know most of you want to know what is up with the third and final chapter of the Creeper saga, affectionately referred to as Jeepers Threepers. I wish I could say there was more news about it finally getting financed and shot, but at this time I am afraid there is no new news.