Saturday, September 10, 2011


Well, it's barely out of the goop (my term for what used to be the soup they develop movie prints in, back in the good old days when prints of movies weren't digitally manufactured) and ROSEWOOD LANE has already been scheduled to make its World Premiere at the biggest horror festival on the West Coast, Screamfest LA.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, or will be in the area next month (October) think about coming and seeing my first film in over seven years. And my first genre picture in over ten!

The festival itself takes place at the Chinese 6 at Hollywood and Highland -- same address I am told is home for the Oscars every year -- and no, that does not mean I am inferring ROSEWOOD LANE is Oscar bait.

It's just good scary fun.

Tickets went on sale yesterday at the Screamfest LA website, and not knowing how big the theater we will be in, I can't say how long tickets will be available, but here is the link if you are so inclined:

I do know that most of the cast (their schedules permitting) and myself, will be attending. I will introduce the film personally just before the lights go down, and after the film screens, will be part of a Q and A with the cast.

Should be a blast! Am I nervous? Of course I am, readers and lurkers.

This is the first time ROSEWOOD LANE will be shared with the world. That's always a gulper in my book. You wonder how it will play, what you did right and what you could have done better. It's your baby and the world is about to judge it.


Lots of other news happening too, though you know me and my superstitions -- I don't like to talk about any of them in any detail, until they become more of a reality.

But I can tell you I signed my deal to write and direct my brand spanking new horror franchise THE RATTLEMAN, something I am incredibly happy with and excited about.

And I have every intention of shooting it in Greenville, Mississippi where I just returned from a wonderful week long location scout.

It was my first trip to the deep South and I have to say, the people were warm (but not as warm as the weather) and terrific, and the area is ample with wonderful architecture, forests, swamps, rivers, lakes, lonely highways, haunted houses and houses that are just handsome and not haunted -- basically all kinds of atmospheric and cinematic places for filmmakers, and especially a filmmaker like me, to tell their stories.

Look at this magnificent old place on the bank of Lake Washington in Greenville, Mississippi. Any screenwriter worth his salt would take one look at this place ....

And start writing!

The landscapes and weather also reminded me somewhat of my adventure in central Florida back in 2000 where we shot the first JEEPERS film.

And not to intentionally dangle the carrot again, I will say that not only is Mississippi a perfect looking Jeepers land, but there are interesting new developments regarding the possible financing of JEEPERS CREEPERS III: Cathedral.

More on that, as it develops.

I feel like a newscaster or something when I have to tie off a story with that kind of line. Anyway, life is beautiful chaos right now.

And if you have the means, and are in the area, come on down to Hollywood and Highland October 15th and see ROSEWOOD LANE with me at Screamfest.

And if you do happen to see me that night? Even if I don't know you? Introduce yourself. My blog has only 34 followers but has received well over 64,000 views since I started it way back when. So I know there are at least a few lurkers out there, reading my long-winded babbling.

Be well everyone and happy all,

Until I can blog again,