Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hey everyone,

Looks like Jeepers Creepers the original film is finally hitting Blu-Ray.   And right around its eleven or ten year anniversary -- when it was released on Labor Day Weekend 2001, and broke records for the largest Labor Day box office in movie history.

It looks like the Blu-Ray will include many of the special features that Tom Tarantini and I worked so hard to create for the original two-disc Jeepers release on DVD back in the day.   Makes me happy that so many of those chapters will now be available to those who never did see all of them.

Coincidentally, another of my films also hits Blu-ray that very same day.   And in case you wondered  whatever became of my film ROSEWOOD LANE?  Well,  it was picked up by Universal and is finally getting released this September 11 -- on Universal Home Video, right along with JEEPERS CREEPERS.

There is a trailer online now but not a great one sadly.  But at least I can say the opposite of what I usually say:  the trailer looked great but the movie wasn't.  In this case, I think we might hear a couple of "the trailer wasn't good but the movie is".

You can click on any photo in this blog for a larger version.  Above, the synopsis I wrote when trying to get the picture greenlit.

But here I am bitching about the trailer when what I'm really here to say, is that as always, we are kicking off the Blu-Ray release of ROSEWOOD LANE and the original JEEPERS CREEPERS, with a signing at my favorite store in all the land:  DARK DELICACIES.

Directing Daniel on the last night of shooting ROSEWOOD and getting ready for the exciting finale. 

Hey if you are in the Los Angeles area, come on down Tuesday night at 7pm, September 11th to the wonderful DARK DELICACIES in beautiful downtown Burbank and get your Blu-ray signed by me and much of the wonderful cast:  Ray Wise (Powder, Jeepers Creepers II, Reaper)  Tom Tarantini (Powder, Jeepers I and II, Peaceful Warrior)  Sonny Marinelli (the upcoming series Vegas) Lin Shaye (Insidious, Something About Mary)  and our own psycho-paperboy Daniel Ross Owens, if he can get away for a moment -- he's shooting Alan Ball's new Cinemax series BANSHEE.

Daniel Ross Owens in a rare musical number from the chilling little tale

Also at the DD signing will be a couple more familiar JEEPERS alumni schedule permitting.  And of course, much of what I can only call my titanic trio:  Don Fauntleroy producer and cinematographer,  Ed Marx editor, and Bennett Salvay composer.

 Don Fauntleroy and I check out a shot on the first day of shooting ROSEWOOD LANE.  It is the first picture either of us shot digitally.

All these folks are appearing schedule permitting, but I will be there with bells on if for nothing else to get to meet some of you and help kick off the release of my little suburban Hitchcock-style thriller.

Here are three great actors that graced the set of ROSEWOOD LANE.  And it was my great luck to have them.  That's Ashton Moio, Bill Faggerbakke and Lin Shaye as a troubled family we meet midway through the thriller.

And if you are not in the area or can't attend, the great folks at Dark Delicacies can have one mailed to you with everyone's signature on it!   Visit their website for even more details, and remember they have great signings every week:

Tuesday Sept 11 at 7 pm 
Dark Delicacies
3512 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA
818-556-6660 /

What else is going on in my small little corner of the universe?  JEEPERS CREEPERS III: CATHEDRAL (or Jeepers Threepers) continues to be a carrot dangled before me, but at the moment it is still the same old story: no financing has yet materialized to fund The Creeper's next flight.

And last but certainly not least THE RATTLEMAN is edging closer to its greenlight but less we jinx it, let me say more about that when it officially happens.

Oh and thanks for all the emails and comments and questions that you have been sharing with me at the email address in the profile of this blog.  I don't always answer quickly but I do my best.

Maybe I'll see you Tuesday September 11!

Best and thanks,