Friday, April 8, 2011


Who said shooting a movie is like going to war? Anyone who has ever shot a movie -- that's who!

Quite an adventure this one.

My brilliant partner and cinematographer Don Fauntleroy may have pulled off a minor miracle getting ROSEWOOD LANE shot in the small time we had and the small budget to boot.

Myself and Don Fauntleroy (right) check out a shot on location for ROSEWOOD LANE, in Alta Dena, California. That's Ian our focus puller replaying the shot.

If this was getting back to work? Throwing the door open and getting out on a movie set again? Slamming back into the director's chair for the first time in six years? Then ROSEWOOD LANE was truly a trial by fire.

The good news? The toughest shoots often make the best films.

And what a great cast we had to make that film. Headliner ROSE McGOWAN, supported by the brilliant LAUREN VELEZ (Dexter), the awesome RAY WISE (Jeepers II and Reaper), the terrific TOM TARANTINI (Jeepers I and II and Powder), the fantastic SONNY MARINELLI, the absolutely delectable LESLEY-ANNE DOWN, the very funny STEVE TOM (Funny or Die) and several terrific character actor turns, RANCE HOWARD, BILL FAGGERBAKE, LIN SHAYE and JUDSON MILLS, just to name a few.

ROSEWOOD LANE is what I would call another of my hybrids: this one, a drama that quickly darkens into a chilling and unnerving little suburban nightmare, that suddenly has you jumping out of your seat and holding on tight to the person next to you.

Of course every good terror tale needs its monster -- and the twist here is that the monster is something so typically innocent: the local paperboy.

One of the greatest pleasures of the shoot was creating this dark new character. He turned out well, so well that I want to keep him underwraps for a moment. But I will say he is played by a great young actor named DANIEL ROSS.

Well dear readers (and lurkers) that's all I can say and do right now. I am now at the end of my first week of editing with the amazing Ed Marx. It promises to be at least sixteen weeks of intense post production and I have to get back to it, even as we speak.

Consider this the shortest and most concise blog of mine to date. More when I can actually think, and breathe and put a sentence or two together.

But I will say that THE RATTLEMAN is already starting to rattle, good friends.

And that is more great news for terror town. More news on this and other stories, when I return.